The Almanac

“Not all that long into a workout session led by a seriously fit instructor, I stop to ask a question.

How long does this usually last?

Without slowing in the slightest, she informs me:

Fifty minutes”…



“Carnegie’s first barre studio, Endure Barre, made its debut on W. Main St. official with a grand opening in January 2019. And the name kinda speaks for itself. Here, you’ll build endurance through classes that incorporate Pilates, yoga, dance, and muscle-building to the beat of some seriously motivational music. But that’s not all they’ve got. Check out their TRX class for a totally unique combination of suspension training and ballet movements that’ll trim and tone your body in no time”


Made in PGH

“We know our lives could use a little more balance, so what better place to start than a homegrown Barrestudio! Owner Candice Rush, a South Hills native, has spent most of her life with a focus on fitness and is excited to bring that to Carnegie. Check out their Endurance and TRX classes to find one that is just right for you!”


Upper St. Clair Today Magazine

“Imagine a fitness class that tightens, tones, and sculpts using the tiniest movements in a way that no other fitness class can. Meet barre, one of the newest fitness trends to hit the exercise scene”…