Being active has always been a priority of mine and I was thrilled when I heard Endure was opening so close to my home. I was looking for something new to challenge myself and from the moment I walked in the door last November I was hooked!

From day one, the entire Endure team was so welcoming, enthusiastic and encouraging. I love that it’s not your typical barre studio and the variety of barre, TRX, and bootcamp classes really provide a total body workout. The motivation from every instructor has pushed me outside my comfort zone in my workouts and I look forward to every class.

Candice and her team truly are dedicated to creating a community of strong women and I’m so grateful to have found this studio and be a part of what they’re building. It’s obvious how much they care about every single person that walks through the door and their passion for what they do keeps me coming back. Absolutely love starting my day with these inspiring barre babes and their killer playlists!



I started working out at Endure Barre in January when one of my friends mentioned there was a new Barre studio opening. I’d never taken a barre class before but thought it sounded like fun and knew I needed something to help me get ready for the Mt. Kilimanjaro climb.

I was hooked my first class! The instructors are all very friendly, the music is always upbeat, and the classes are different every time. I love how Endure Barre has helped me get back into a fitness routine. I am always excited for my classes and to challenge myself. I can tell I have become much stronger thanks to Endure!



I attended Endure Barre on the first day it opened! It was a lucky find and little did I know that I'd become an unlimited member and go to the studio multiple times a week. I love that I can get variety in my workouts because I have attended barre studios in the past where all classes were very similar and it didn't keep me engaged. I find myself looking forward to classes and the environment is SO welcoming. Talk about a great place to make friends!
As I head into the year of my wedding, I am relying on the studio to keep me in shape! It's nice to have a place to go to unwind, meet new people but also keep you motivated to stick to your goals. This is just a perfect reflection of the studio, instructors and owner and I have really good feelings about my future with Endure Barre studio.



I discovered EB from a friend of a friend, who is now an instructor! (Brittany) I never knew what barre was before that. She encouraged me to try a class with her back in March and I signed up shortly after that. It was all so new and exciting for me after lifting heavy weights and doing virtually no cardio for about a decade. I had slipped into a funk and started to hate working out.
What I love most about the classes is the variety offered with different instructors and also having a TRX, Pilates, as well as a boot camp option! I have a super busy schedule so I usually sign up for whatever time option I can make it to. I love the fact that I can fit a 50 minute workout into my day without even having to think about it. I always have the reddest face in the class! The instructors are all an inspiration to me and always push me through class. I find strength in their encouraging words. I would never push myself through a workout at the gym by myself otherwise.

Everyone at EB is super supportive and positive. I always leave class feeling better that I went. Signing up for a class on the app holds me accountable so I can’t skip out last minute. 
I don’t feel pressured anymore to be a “fit chick” or more muscular, or thinner. I’m feeling more body positive after a few months of working out at EB. It’s changed my life for the better!



I joined the Endure Barre family shortly after they opened, and it was about 6 months after giving birth to my son. I immediately felt welcome and comfortable, and every staff member had their own unique twist on routines and selected exercises. It is not uncommon for me to become bored with a exercise regimen after doing it for a few months, but I have yet to be bored and find myself looking forward to each new endeavor with this studio and its members.

Endure Barre and their staff have been a huge part in allowing me to find balance in my life again. I always feel challenged, both mentally and physically, and the instructors are constantly changing music and their routines to keep things fresh and new.

The environment is extremely supportive and encouraging, with instructors always demonstrating ways for exercises to be modified or adjusted based on your individual needs. When you actually look forward to working out, you know they’re doing something right!

The owner, Candice, is truly a role-model who demonstrates amazing strength, inspiration, and determination as a woman, a fitness instructor, a mother, and a successful business owner. She helps empower her students, motivating us to dig deep and find the mental and physical strength within ourselves. I am beyond happy I have found this amazing studio!



I began coming to Endure last January. Taking an alternate route home, i happened to drive past the building and it caught my eye. I had done barre classes before in other cities that i lived in but it never really stuck. But since moving to the Pittsburgh area the previous January, i was still searching for my “spot.” I had joined the gym at work and tried classes at other studios but still found myself bored. Recently engaged and “shredding for the wedding,” i needed to find my motivation/fun in working out again.

Endure was the answer! My first few classes were a wake up call!! Muscles i hadn’t used since my days of dance were suddenly awake and screaming. Classes were challenging. The instructors keep you on your toes (literally) and keep the classes interesting. I can feel my body getting stronger every class!
The variety of classes offered keeps me interested and i cannot imagine not having barre as part of my weekly routine now.



Working out has always been important to me and a huge part of my life. In college I was on a D1 Dance Team, so I never had to worry about what my workout would be each day. After college I joined a gym and would try to be creative with my workouts, but the same old elliptical routine wasn’t cutting it for me - I missed the group environment and the high energy atmosphere I had with dance.

I discovered Endure Barre in January and I have been hooked ever since! From Barre to Pilates Sculpt and TRX, I love how each class is unique in its own way and I never get bored with the workouts. Mostly, I love how each instructor is motivating, accepting, and uplifting during each class. I have rediscovered strength and flexibility that I thought I lost after college, but the best part is that I once again love to workout. I feel so lucky to be able to include Endure Barre classes as part of my weekly routine - all thanks to the instructors and community!



Working out has always been a huge part of my life. I was a college athlete and always have been super active. Cross Fit and lifting heavier weights were always my go to workouts.

Last year my husband and I had our perfect little girl and time is always very limited being a full time working mom. I live in Carnegie, so when I drove by and saw the Endure Barre sign I knew I definitely wanted to try it out!
Honestly, I never thought that Barre would be a hard enough workout for me. I was extremely wrong!
I am physically and mentally challenged with every single class I take and all of the teachers are incredible with keeping every class exciting and new! Now I am absolutely hooked and feel incredibly blessed to be a part of the Endure Barre family!



Full disclosure- I had never even thought about fitness a day in my life prior to having my first child. I knew I was not athletic and honestly very intimidated by the idea of working out, especially in front of anyone else. I had a horrible pregnancy that resulted in long-term injury... and to make it worse, I then HATED my body. I was still terrified to work out in front of anyone and in pain, but I needed to do something... so I went at it alone at home and I was very hard on myself. Flash forward a few years to my second pregnancy and a resulting emergency surgery the day after my son’s birth ... followed by a few more years of surgeries, physical therapy and pressure on myself.

New Years Eve this past year ... my best friend and a glass of wine convinced me off of my nervous butt and we signed up for a Endure Barre class and NEVER looked back. The environment was NOTHING like the intimidating environment I feared and EVERYTHING that this girl needed. Every single instructor and every single member has come together to create an incredibly supportive and happy environment for everyone else. Plus... it gave me exactly what my self-esteem needed... I found physical strength and a change in my body that I fell in love with. Starting off slowly and with modifications (and I wasn’t the only one modifying!)... and working my way up to challenges and doubles.
Every time I sign up for a class (multiple times a week!) my husband knows better than to ask me to do anything else... it’s my happy place... my time for myself. I am so grateful for Candice, all of the instructors and the members and I’ll never stop! ❤️



This past year was a serious challenge. My husband and I were going through a seriously stressful situation that proved to be very taxing on me both mentally and physically. I was under immense stress and often felt depressed and unmotivated. To try and keep my mind off things I began to fill my free time with workout classes. I had been doing spin class and other barre classes around the city and I really enjoyed Barre but felt like the classes I was taking elsewhere just weren’t making the grade as far as the results I was seeing.

I began to search for something else to throw into my routine and I found Endure’s TRX class in January of this year while browsing on Class Pass and I figured I’d give it a try! I was scared, nervous and worried I was going to fail but when I walked into Endure and instantly felt welcomed. Candice took the time to talk to me, explain the class, ask me about injuries and modifications and this really put me at ease and made me feel excited for my first class! Well, needless to say I was hooked! Since my first class, I’ve gained so much mental confidences and physical strength, especially my upper body which I’ve always struggled with even after years of lifting heavy weights. 
The physical changes I saw and the positivity that I felt from the all of the instructors and fellow Endure Barre patrons helped me get through my difficult year. The physical changes I was seeing were also incredibly motivating and I was just amazed at what my body was capable of! 
I really took to heart every time Candice would end class by saying to “always believe in the power of you”, it struck a chord with me and gave me hope and motivation even during some really dark times. Bottom line is I have truly never felt excited to workout until I found Endure Barre. Thank you a million times over to Candice and the entire team!



I have always enjoyed working out. Prior to joining Endure I had been running and taking HIIT classes regularly but knew I needed something else to balance out my workouts.

At the urging of my friend, Mary P (🙌) I took my first class at Endure with Candice in late November and I was HOOKED.
In December I decided to sign up for the Pgh marathon and incorporated TRX and barre in my training. I never felt stronger as a runner.

Unfortunately pretty late in my training I was sidelined by an injury and unable to run. I was able to continue coming to classes at Endure which was a saving grace for me since everything else was off limits. The instructors showed modifications, and stressed listening my body in the workouts which was important for my recovery. I never felt judged when I was stepping or tapping instead of jumping 😂. I have been able to gradually work up my miles again, and am thankful for the workouts at Endure that kept me active while I healed.

I am so grateful to have this amazing studio and the supportive community that comes along with it! Don’t know what I’d do without Endure!



I started coming to Endure almost 9 months ago, soon after it opened. The studio is right down the street from my house and being able to walk here was a huge benefit. I immediately fell in love with the energy and the challenge of the workouts. Soon after I started (less than 2 weeks) I found out that I was expecting! I was so excited, but nervous too! Candice was the first person outside of my immediate family that I told. She was so supportive it gave me the confidence to continue coming.

I'm now 37 weeks and try to make it to the studio at least 3 times a week. The instructors are so knowledgeable and have been able to provide me with modifications throughout my pregnancy, so that I can continue to workout and stay strong. Candice, Tara and Erica especially have been wonderful! I've felt so supported throughout this pregnancy from the instructors and the great community at Endure.
I know that my workouts here will help with my labor and delivery and I know that Endure will be there to help me get my pre-baby body back.



I had been attending spin classes regularly for years, and it took me a long time to realize, even though spinning provided a great cardio workout, something was missing....I had no upper body strength. I needed to make a change.

If I am being honest, a Barre studio wasn’t top on my list I never thought barre was for me. I even declined going to barre class with friends because I just wasn’t interested.
Then Endure Barre opened less than a mile from my home. I decided since it was so close, I should give it a try, and I started through studio special on Black Friday. I bought a 5 class package, and the TRX classes really drew me in. I could do anything 5 times, right? After the first 5 TRX classes I was hooked.

Everyone was so nice, there was no judging, great music, and every class was a challenging workout! I slowly adopted the Barre classes into my routine, and have been a regular 3-4 days a week between both TRX and Barre classes since January. It is truly the best way to start my day at 5:45am. It wakes me up and helps me to start the day with a positive mindset.

The classes still continue to challenge me, and I can see the changes with my body gaining the upper body strength I was lacking many months ago. It’s crazy to think there was a time I thought Barre wouldn’t be for me. This is truly one of my favorite spots in Carnegie!



I've been coming to Endure Barre since early January. I started 2019 by challenging myself to do more things that scared me -- and coming to a studio where I knew no one terrified me! I hadn't taken a workout class before so I wanted to try it to try something new to push myself a little harder. Now I look forward to scheduling classes and making that time for myself each week. The mix of classes is great to keep me interested and the encouragement of each instructor is exactly what I need to push through tougher movements.

To say that I'm glad I worked up the courage is an understatement because coming to this amazing community a few times a week has helped me in so many ways -- I've found myself getting stronger than I've ever been, both mentally and physically, noticed changes in my self-confidence, and formed relationships. The real treat about this place is the community -- it's not just about the workout but about loving yourself, doing your best, and lifting each other up along the way. I couldn't be happier to be a part of it.



Amyjo started coming to Endure Barre January 1st as part of her New Year’s resolution. 2018 had been a rough year with a wrist injury and surgery which led to her having to quit teaching and practicing yoga. She went from being an active mom of three little ladies to just muddling through without any sort of self care. “Yoga was always more to me than just a form of exercise. It was 75 minutes where I could focus on me and recharge,” says Amyjo. Knowing that yoga was no longer an option, she was actively searching for a new activity that had health benefits and helped her to regain the me time she was looking for.

That’s when she found Endure Barre and decided to give it a shot. Seven months after first joining Endure Barre, Amyjo says she has noticed positive changes in her body and mind. “The classes and instructors were exactly what I was looking for. The changes in my body have been great, but the most important change has been in my spirit,” says Amyjo. “My girls are happy to have their active, zany mom back. Thanks, Endure!”



I love everything about endure barre studio. I have always enjoyed working out, but I needed something to challenge me while changing my body. My usual 20 minutes of lifting while my daughters asked for snacks just wasn’t cutting it anymore! After having my second baby I needed a workout that I would enjoy going to. I am a stay at home mom who has very little alone time. This has become my quiet and my peace away from my hectic day to day mom life. It has changed me physically and mentally and I’m so happy I started taking the time for myself at endure barre.
Every instructor is so kind and motivating and they make every single class so fun! I went from dreading my workouts to looking forward to the days I can go! I have been a dancer for 30 years and have taken barre classes for 5 and the mix of classic barre and cardio is so unique and a challenge every class. TRX makes me feel so strong and I’ve noticed a change in my arms after a bad shoulder injury. It is truly for everyone and the instructors work with your fitness level so you always feel comfortable. Thanks endure barre, you’re the best!



I’ve been attending classes at Endure Barre since the week Candice opened her doors. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because I felt like my workouts at a local globo gym were so mundane after I left the CrossFit world. I was searching for something challenging and different, and here we are seven months later.

I’ll admit, at first I was a little worried that the workouts wouldn’t be varied enough to keep me interested, but I was completely wrong. I love the endurance and TRX classes so much; there has never been a day that they haven’t been mentally and physically challenging.
I also love all of the instructors (and their music playlists!!); everyone is so down to earth and accommodating.

I’ve seen some awesome changes in my body composition... and who doesn’t love a nice round booty?! I truly couldn’t be part of a better community. Here’s to (soon-to-be) 33.



My real fitness journey started several years ago during grad school with a shift towards cleaner eating, lots of walking, & a gym membership. Before then, I struggled with sticking to the whole picture of health, I experienced lots of ups & downs. But at that point, I understood that in order to see & feel the changes, I had to commit to a 'healthy' lifestyle. This meant being consistent and disciplined.
But for me, it quickly became much easier once I noticed how amazing I felt, physically & mentally, when I treated my body the right way. This kept me going. I learned that small changes over time add up to big ones, & when I moved back to PGH from CA, I was down 30 pounds. 
However, it was a challenge to maintain that lifestyle for myself after moving; I got another gym membership, started doing a HIIT program, & kept eating fairly well, but a full-time desk job made it hard to be active. That sapped my energy even more.

Then, I heard about Endure Barre opening near my community. I had never taken a fitness class before, but grew up doing ballet. I knew I had to give it a try. I was immediately hooked after my very first session! 
I love how you really endure the burn every time, no matter how many classes you've taken. I love the high-energy cardio mixed with classic barre movements, the unique challenge of TRX barre, & how each instructor has their own kind of choreographic style that they bring to the table. Everyone is friendly, & the instructors are incredibly motivating. 
Since I started, I'm down another 10 pounds. I typically do 5 classes per week, which feels easy to commit to because it makes me feel so great. This community is exactly what I needed, it's just what I was missing. I always leave feeling more energized than when I came in, & I'm happier & more productive for it. I look forward to every single session & the sense of empowerment I leave with. Thank You Endure Barre!



I have been training at Endure Barre since November 2018 and there is so much to love about this place...but first a little bit about me... I have pretty much stayed in good shape throughout my 20’s and 30’s. Then I gave birth to two beautiful daughters and had a major back surgery all inside of a 2 1/2 year period.

Physically and mentally I had been through the ringer and no longer looked or felt like myself. I had gained a lot of weight and felt weak. I was 4 months postpartum and recovering from surgery and dealing with lots of pain and physical therapy instead of enjoying my new baby and running after my toddler. I was so determined to get my strength back. So I just started with some simple walking, which eventually turned into jogging, and that’s when I was on the lookout for a workout that would build my strength back up again.

That’s when I found Endure Barre. It was the perfect thing for me. I have made some serious progress since I started. And it just keeps me wanting to do better and better. The instructors really want you to be that best version of yourself and their encouragement and passion really shows and makes a difference. I look forward to every workout and the strength it brings me. Thanks Endure Barre!



I’ve been coming to Endure Barre since day one! I was ready to get back into the routine of working out again after my 2nd child and thought “what the heck, I’m going to try this new place and see what it’s all about".” Fast forward to today and that was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I can’t say enough about how wonderful not only this studio is, but all the instructors. Whether they are yelling at you (in the nicest way possible) to get lower or reminding you that you can do anything for 1 minute, they truly care about each person that steps foot into the studio.

Coming back from having a baby was tough. I was weak and out of shape. They worked with me on modifications and always pushed me just a little more each day. They cheer you on and get just as excited about your little victories as you do.

They have helped me not only physically, but mentally as well. I’ve realized how important it is to take time for yourself.

Juggling being a full time working mom of two is tough, but I know I have such and amazing place to escape to for an hour and focus on just me. I couldn’t recommend this place more!!



Endure Barre is the people’s barre studio. It’s not a one size fits all kind of place. You can come with any fitness level, get motivated and will continually be challenged in each and every class.
I am a former collegiate soccer player who fell off the work out wagon after having two babies. I started here in January with having two kids under three. This place hasn’t only transformed me physically but also mentally. I have found my niche, used muscles I haven’t used in a while, and a piece of me that I had lost for a little while. #momlife.
If you’re looking for a positive community of instructors and work out friends that will motivate you, challenge you, and make you feel like the best version of yourself, Endure Barre is where it’s at.